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Dj Tho Mi's 07 RR Civic SI


Updates after this page(in order).



!!!Updated June 22, 2009!!!

Welcome to my official build thread.
My name is Tommy but you may call me Dj Tho Mi (Vietnamese for bowl of noodles).
I'm from Austin, TX, and just trying to represent a city where the car scene isn't too big.
Anyway, enough of me and on with the project!

Picked up February 10, 2007 with 10 miles (Right off the truck =D)

(Note: I didn't really give her a name up to this day, but I've just been calling it my "Rocketship". :thumb:

Since I now got a theme, how about the Mark 4? =P )

2007 RR Honda Civic SI 6pd

-Current Modifications-

Engine/Performance Modifications:

AJP Turbo Kit
-Precision HP Technology 6262S Turbocharger
-AJP Tubular Sequential Fire 1-4-3-2 Turbo Manifold
-HKS Blow-Off Valve
-TiAL Wastegate (44mm, 4.35 psi, Silver)
-Front-mounted bolt-on aluminum intercooler
-2.25″ and 2.5″ non-polished aluminum piping
-Intake Pipe with K & N Air Filter
-3″ Stainless Steel Downpipe
-Stainless Steel Dumptube
-Silicone Couplers
-T-Bolt Clamps
-Steel-Braided Oil Feed/Return Lines
-All Necessary Gaskets and Fittings
-Walbro Fuel Pump 255lph
-Precision Turbo injectors (650 cc) and connectors
-Modified oil pan

-AJP Fuel Return Kit
-AJP Vacuum Block
-AJP K-Series Fuel Rail
-AJP 3-inch Exhaust
-BuddyClub Muffler
-Aeromotive A1000-6 Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Hondata Reflash
-Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
-Ingalls Stiffy Engine Torque Damper
-Competition Stage 4 Clutch Disk
-Honda OEM Pressure Plate
-JDM Wrinkle Red K20 valve cover
-JDM black dipstick
-Gold resevior covers
-Blox gold oil cap

Exterior Modifications:
-Full HFP lip kit
-OEM Honda fog lights
-Custom front lip overlay

Interior Modifications:
-AEM Gauge-Type Wideband UEGO controller
-AEM TRU-BOOST Gauge-Type controller
-AJP Dual Gauge Holder
-Blox bronze/gold "Type R" style shift knob
-Red alacantara door inserts
-Red alacantara shift boot w/black stitching
-Red Honda "H" steering wheel emblem

-Gold Enkei RPF1 17x8 +45 5x114.3
-Yokohama S Drives 225/45/17

Suspension Upgrades:
-Skunk 2 springs

-6,000k HIDs
-Nokya 2500k high beam bulbs
-Nokya 2500k fog light bulbs
-Cleared rear turn signals
-White LED license plate lights
-White LED map & dome lights
-White LED trunk light

-I.C.E. :
-2 12" ARC Audio Kar Series Subs
MAX Power 500 Watts/RMS Power 250 Watts (each)
-Custom dual 12" hatchback box, sealed/ported
-1 1200 Watt DB Drive Speed Series Amplifier
Power Output @ 4 ohms 600 x 4/@ 2 1200 x 1
-Sub Sonic 4 gu amp kit/rca's, spkr wire

-De-badged Civic Emblem
-Red painted brake calipers
-White "Honda" front caliper emblems

100 miles in -

Uknown "update" date:
I don't remember when this was, but this was basically the first thing I did to my car, was swap over the "bangin" sound system from my old car.

2 12" ARC Audio Kar Series Subs w/ custom dual 12" hatchback box, sealed/ported.

1200 Watt DB Drive Speed Series Amplifier.

*Red painted brake calipers* no pics, but you can just see in the future pics.*

White LED map, dome, trunk lights.

Red alacantara shift boot w/ black stitching.

Update August 18, 2007
San Antonio, TX All State Meet.

Update October 10, 2007
Mini meet at Austin 360 bridge.

Update October 20, 2007
So the time finally came for me to start upgrading my car. Ordered a couple of parts here and there.

Update October 28, 2007
Installed clear rear turn signals. (Ebay, this was a pretty easy install)

Before (Passenger)

After (Passenger)

Before (Driver)

After (Driver)

Installed Fujita SRI (Corsport, only problem was clamp fitment)



IMO, the SRI sounds great and you can definitely feel the difference in power.

Update October 31, 2007 - Halloween

Installed Skunk2 Springs (Corsport, rides great)

(Buddy of mine helping)



IMO, the springs give a perfect drop; rides great despite the stiffness resulting in feeling more bumps.

Installed Genesis 10,000k H.I.Ds (HID-SIN, I love the color)

4,100K (Left) VS 10,000K (Right)

IMO, the color is perfect, but it IS darker on the road (as I already knew this). As others would say, anything higher than 5-6k is a waste of money, it's not. If you're looking for show quality, the higher the K the better, even though you are compromising your driving visibilty. In the end, 6K under = Performance/Visibility - 6,500K up = Show/Decreased Visibility/Better Looks

Update November 5, 2007
Austin, TX Kseries All State Meet

Update April 5, 2008
After a week or so of ordering other things, everything is finally together.
Got the valve cover and HFP lip kit for my birthday (March 5, 2008 *21 baby!*)

WTF? IKEA makes JDM parts? j/k it's my JDM black dip-stick :woowoo:

Everything out of the box and ready to go in. :laughing:

Nokya 2500k high beam bulbs; also have Noyka 2500k fog light bulbs but I installed it before taking a pic of it.

Before valve cover.

Intake manifold cover off.


The guts.

Everything off!

JDM Wrinkle Red K20 Valve Cover.

Getting there. :wigglesmiley:


JDM black dip-stick in!

Finished! :cheerleader:

w/ Fujita SRI

Before red Honda "H's".

After red Honda "H's".

White "HONDA" front caliper decals (Forgot before pic...)

Before Strut King foot rest pedal.

After Strut King foot rest pedal.

Red Honda "H" steering wheel emblem. (Forgot before pic here too... -_-" )

Update April 6, 2008
On to day 2 of installations.

Before installing the full HFP lip kit. (Too bad I didn't have any photoshoots with her before.)

Fog light cutout, using the dremel tool. (Worked good; thought it'd be faster)

Someone stole my bumper... =/

Left fog w/ front lip.

Right side

Front lip on w/ lights.

Gettin rear lip on.

Another front shot (considering the front lip is the most appealing out of the whole kit. :thumb: )

Done. :spinning:

My buddy E10's RH drive DC2; was boosted making over 500whp; blown motor; rebuilding now. :eek:mg:


Daytime pic.

Update April 9, 2008
Random pics



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What do you guys think about these wheels? Either 18's or 19"s. First choice is the Forge Grey, because it's different. Then the Mirror Machine. Reason I don't really want to do the black with mirror lip, is because almost everybody has that, and it's too typical. Well anywho, opinions please.


djthomi said:
Well it's been almost four months now since I've had this little toy. Ha, yeah I've been pretty much lazy to post pics but I guess here is a few. Put tons of miles already... :xyxnervou

Since a lot of you guys have your own threads that show the progress of your vehicle, I might as well do one too.

So far the only mods I have are:
- Led (White) Liscense Plate Lights
- Led (Red) Map Lights
- Led (Red) Dome Lights
- Led (White) Reverse Lights
- 2 12" ARC Audio Subs
- 1 DB Drive 1200 Watt AMP
- Civic Emblem delete (this counts as a mod! :thumb: )

Soon to come:
- Springs
- Rims
- Tint
- Lip Kit

Major mods will come later.

nice si.

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So I've dropped some money on a Florida trip, so no changes to the vehicles at this minute. As soon as I get back, I'll start bankin' again, and the all the ka-ching will go into the SI. Until then, enjoy the stock-ie!!!

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xxbodkinxx said:
Did you get that from howdy honda recently?

Looks good by the way.

No sir, got it back in FEB. at Classic. For the record, I think the guys at Howdy are dicks, (if read by any Howdy peeps, I'm glad you did - :thumb: ).
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