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Hey all i am new to this forum, i bought an 07 lx 5 speed last april and have been having some issues that i have read a lot about but never really seen a definitive answer to. I was just looking to get a little insight.
First off i have been having the clutch chatter issue that seems to happen to a lot of people. does it between 1st and 2nd and between 2nd and 3rd. not all the time, sometimes worse than others. I have replaced the motor mounts which a lot of people suggested and at first it seemed to help a little however seems back to its usual ways. So that brings me to my next question.... Yes i did buy the less expensive motor mounts, i did try to do a little research and at least get ones that had gotten some positive feedback. However i didnt realize that the torque mounts i got were actually for an automatic transmission. They are made out of a heavy nylon or plastic of sorts and the ones for the manual are a cast metal. So could they make that much of a difference?

So all in all if the motor/torque mounts werent the issue has anyone actually had this problem fixed and found out what the real cause was? The clutch seems fine i have had multiple 5 speed cars and this one seems as good as any have. Just getting annoyed of that little chatter feel and noise when im letting off the clutch. it also seems as if i barely have to touch the clutch pedal for it to happen even while just moving at a steady speed.

Thanks for any input, sorry for such a long post!
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