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What are your opinions of switching to synthetic oil from conventional after 12 years but only 100k kms.

My understanding is that swiotching tosynthetic on high mileage cars will lead to leaks. But not sure what's defined as high mileage and how this relates to how old the actual car is.

Would you switch to synthetic?

WIth all promos going on, it seems you end up paying the same price for both conventional and synthetic (if you are patient and only buy the oil when promos are running).

2ndly, with synthetic oil I believe it's a good idea to switch to a synthetic filter. They seem to be rated for 20k+ kms vs the conventional filters. Am I correct in assuming that while I have to change oil every year even if my kms are low, I am safe to leave the same filter since the filter doesn't decompose like oil does? So basically change it every 2nd or even 3rd oil change (if I end up changing it only once a year due to low kms)

Form my readings, it seems using synthetic does not really prolongue the life of oil and be able to change it less often than the 1 year mark with conventional oil (for low kms driven)
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