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Hey guys I’m having a problem with my Si, I just found out my k-tuned header is cracked and thats why it has been making this ticking noise along with a leak near the middle of my exhaust. Now, i noticed a noise coming from my i believe clutch or tranny. It happens only if the car is rolling and i have my foot pushing the clutch down and the car is in a gear. For example If i was to be going say 25mph and i take my foot off the gas and push clutch in ill hear the noise but when i put it in neutral the noise goes away. It sounds like something is rubbing together kinda like if you were to take a marker to paper and keep a line going (sorry for horrible analogy) ill put link to a vid i was able to get. In the vid im pressing and releasing the clutch like i said earlier. Last question with the cracked header would that make a pinging noise if my rpms are high Bc whenever i go past like 5k rpm i hear this metal pinging type sound. Any help appreciated thanks in advance!
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