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Hi, I'm having an intermittent (very) AC issue with 07 Honda civic. When it DOES work it blows reasonably cold.

Started last summer, seems to only happen in very hot ambient temps, compressor and AC in general will run fine for a while. Then if stopped or in stop & go, the compressor will cut out. Pretty much until the engine cools down a bit. Coolant temp is average.

All it takes is parking for 20 mins, and it will most likely start working again.

I replaced the AC relay last summer and it made no difference. The issue is very intermittent.

I put a set of gauges on last night. Here are my findings.

Ambient Temp: 75 F
Ambient RH 40%.
Engine warm, not hot.
Static. Engine off. Low=110. High= 110
Engine on, AC on, Low=35 High=140
Engine on, AC on, @ 2k rpms. Low= 20 High=160

Pressures appear to be good.

I can't really duplicate the issue on demand. I am thinking either clutch gap, intermittent clutch coil, thermal cut-out or possible low/hi pressure sensor. Is the pressure sensor in this system both high and low? (It has 3 wires). If so, does anyone have a schematic of the 3 wires? I'd like to jumper it out temporarily to rule in or rule out the sensor the next time it happens.

Also, there are 3 wires in the connector to the compressor. It appears they go through a thermal switch. If I knew which ones went where, I could disconnect it and put 12v to the proper wire and rule in/out the clutch/magnetic coil or thermal cutout. Anyone got a schematic for this connector as well?

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