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I bought this car in September when it just turned one year old with 28,000km.
I've a few niggly problems -
When driving, the car steers easier to the right and has a bit more resistance turning left.
Gear changing is notchy with the clutch pedal to the floor (any manual adjustment ?)
I've drive manual/stick for over 30 years but, cannot always achieve a smooth gear change when I start to depress the accelerator pedal. The car jerks/leaps forward slightly. Same if I'm off the gas but in 1st/2nd/3rd/4th gear, then press the accelerator pedal, same symptoms. Feels like taking up the slack in the accelerator pedal.
Engine is running and I apply pressure to the brake pedal. I find the point of resistance but, if I push harder, I can slowly push the pedal all the way to the floor.
The car was bought from a Honda dealer with a (supposed) 100+point inspection.
I feel the need for some insight prior to discussing with the dealer.
All help is greatly appreciated
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