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06 bogging down and dying

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So I have a project 06 civic EX 1.8l automatic... we did a motor swap the car itself been sitting since 2016 so I change all fluids oil gas antifreeze etc...so I do the motor swap with a motor that’s got 115k and the mf starts right up and dies shortly after throwing code 0135 which is bank 1 sensor 1 so I replaced the upstream o2 and it’s still doing it... is it possible the cat is clogged or what could be the problem she runs strong if I have the gas pushed in but dies if I left off... Piping below the cat towards bottom of the engine bay is glowing bright red so I know there is a problem somewhere!!!! I’m seriously ready to put this b**ch on the scales but I know it’s something simple!!!! If it is the cats any way I could gut the or cut them outnot worried about emissions test my state don’t have them I just want my car to run properly
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