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this car had a turbo in it at one point... the greddy kit calls for that aluminum isulation on those hoses by the firewall.:thumb:
Could of, but more then likely the previous owner used it as a project car and was building it up to install a turbo kit but ended up running out of money.

Cant wait to hear what your son thinks. :thumb:

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their help. You guys lead me to k20.org, which in turn lead me to ephatch.com, which lead me to the previous owner of the car.

Here's a link to the thread that lead me to the owner. And...
ephatch.com forum

Here's a link to the owners bio on the car. (when he had it)
ephatch.com forum
Thats amazing that you could find the previous owner like that. Ill post the mod list here just incase somebody isnt registered with EP Hatch.

davisj3537 from EPHatch.com said:
K24a1 swap
6 speed with tsx 6th gear
Type S Injen CAI
HKS high power exhaust
Competition Stage 2 clutch and pressure plate
Prolite 9lb flywheel
Modded OEM 455cc injectors
Walbro 255
K Pro
A2 oil pump and pan
Ingalls engine damper
RBC manifold port matched with bored TB
Hondata IMG/Heater bypass
Pulled the a/c condenser and all lines
UR alternator pulley
Voltage stabilizer with ground wires
Buddy Club short shifter
Shifter bushings
Megan coilovers
Ingalls camber kit
Neupseed front strut
Neuspeed H pillar bar
Progress 24mm rear sway and tie combo
Cross drilled and slotted rotors
PBR ceramic pads

Rsx leather seats
Backseat removed with custom hatch
Red Badges
CTR shift boot
Skunk2 Shift Knob
Red vavle cover
Rota Slips with 225/50-16
Mugen CF wing again
Black housing headlights
Smoked stock tails
Smoked bumper lights
DIY red calipers
vented and grooved fenders
Shaved bumper with ctr(?) lip
DIY hood damper
(Ive cleaned it up to make it easier to read)

After looking through the list, it looks like hes removed alot of parts.

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From what everyone says, and from reading his posts, this kid really took care of his stuff and knows what he is doing. Haven't heard back from him yet but, yeah, he removed a LOT of parts from the car. But I'm thinking the internals are probably still there. Dunno.
You should ask if hes sold them yet and buy some of them off him if he hasent. Also, please do something about the rims. Spray painted rims = :face-puke
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