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hello all... yet another fun-filled & wordy thread from yours truly..... incoming.


*pics are currently unavailable from my camera -- photobucket.com appears to be offline @ present. idk why... but once its back i will edit this post accordingly or add to a later post*

first of all, happy early 17th birthday to AJ aka bossanova292 aka Mugen Si converted HRP FA5 aka honorary Orlando 8thCivic member :bighug:

a handful of us were invited to trek down south 170 miles to Palm Beach county for a BBQ held @ AJ's dad's place for an early celebration of AJ's birthday. a total of 6 of us invited were able to make the trip down:

myself - SOLO8thGenSi - RR FA5
Matt - 02civicsi - TW/CF FA5
Jorge - Nhbpfa5 - NBP FA5
Nick & Kylie - 02civic_rida - ASM FA5
Brett - BioHazard - HRP FA5
Jared - jsnymeyer - NBP FG2

(ppl invited but couldnt make the trip were Ricky *jrmartinez24*, Luis *heybluguy*, & Angel *angelsi06*) Angel was there in spirit however; assisting w/ the epic OCD-fantastical painter's tape job on my RR FA5. :clapping:

we left Otown around 1030AM or thereabouts. heading south on I-95 not just a few miles into the highway portion of the journey a random red Dodge Ram 1500 TOTALLY cuts me off to within a very dangerous degree of close proximity. mind you, we're all traveling in a pretty tight knit group as usual. ppl usually yield to the right of way of convoys just as a common courtesy & mindset... notsomuch in this particular case. no turn signal just a QUICK swerve directly in front of my path. f*ckin' spooked me like crazy; totally unexpected as we were passing an onramp.

of course, the natural reaction was to honk, let the guy know he was clearly in the wrong & then i proceeeded to drop 2 gears on a rev-match & get a lil retribution as a group. we all stick together & it SHOWED on this occasion. :eek:hsnap:

i was behind the truck behind some1 else in our group, Matt pulled ahead & got in front of the wrong doer, Nick got alongside & we all pretty much got in close & boxed the guy in a bit. just to alternately spook him back. as Kylie stated: "uhh ohhh, dude upset the bees. now they're angry!!!!!" :rotfl: <~epic quote referring to pretty much all of us aggressively pursuing the guy to show him who's boss while being in lower gearing (3rd or 4th) QUITE FUNNY.

so we held formation for a few miles & about near the Palm Bay exits, the guy pretty much had enuf & was prolly genuinely in utter regret of his actions... took the exit & he was gone. formation broke up, went back to single file & we were on our way as intended. :badger:

the moral of the story is this: dont upset the angry bees, & dont act a fool when it is PAINFULLY obvious a group of cars is traveling together in a convoy. BAD IDEA. dont be a fool, dont be a tool; use your good judgment to avoid such a situation. /endlessonlearned. :D

so the rest of the trip was good. no real trouble anywhere. we led a pretty decent pace, nothing overly excessive & out of hand. made good time. took rollin' shots. enjoyed the cool but not cold weather. good times were had.

arrived in Palm Beach county in the city of West Palm Beach (suburb was Loxahatchee, FL) & took a quick pitstop for something or other, snapped a few pics & took the final 8 mile trip to AJ's dad's place.

arrived @ AJ's & were introduced to the family & later his friends from his high school & such. a great group of ppl, beautiful house, & excellent hospitality & food. instead of restating what i posted in Orlando Chat... i will just quote that post here again:
hai joey.. how was the trip?
i have about 150 pics from AJ's bday BBQ thing down in West Palm Beach Saturday.

in attendance:
Nick (& Kylie)
(Angel was there in spirit / thanks to the epic tapejob)
Luis couldn't make it

i think that was everyone. it was a sort of limited engagement deal setup by AJ's parents. couldn't have ALL of the 8th crew there. so, no offense... that's why i took pics. so y'all can have a look-see & its like you were there as well. :D

be on the lookout for a thread before Monday i wanna say.

sadly, i STILL think my new camera from Christmas just isn't working out that great. more blurry pics than good ones unfortunately. :sadface:
owellz... Nick & Jorge took some pics as well. :woowoo:

............for now though, g'night 8th. :D
The drive down there and back was awesome except for the BS that we had to deal with.
oh yeah... AJ's family & friends are good ppls. they seemed genuinely happy to see that we actually made the roadtrip down south to visit, hang out, and celebrate the birthday boy. (which is actually this coming Monday FYI).

very good group of ppl in the family plus all his school friends. great turnout, excellent food, lots of fun. couldn't have asked for a better day all around.

thanks for having us AJ. i can easily speak for everyone in saying we all enjoyed the HELL out of the experience. & it likely won't be the last. :woot:
Kylie: "oh noez... this guy upset the angry beeeeeeeees!!"
taught that f*cker a lesson he won't soon forget. bish cut off the WRONG person in a convoy of like-minded individuals.

epic repercussions were dealt out. :hail:

sooooooooooo, we arrived & i took a bunch of pics of the group in the driveway & such. went inside & joined the crew grubbin' on some chips & dip, BBQs & just generally hangin' out. a lil while later Jared arrived & then so did AJ's friends. i think they all pretty much openly or secretly loved all the Hondas in attendance even tho some of them seemed to shrug them off as nothing special. *deep down inside, hating b/c they want* :woot:

so to cut a MUCH longer story of the day, shorter... we hung out, took more pics, BS'ed with the family & friends of AJ's & enjoyed ourselves. later on in the evening AJ was presented with a birthday cake & we sang the :birthday: song to him & stuff. it was cool & i think he appreciated it. all the adults in attendance were very impressed that we took our time & money to go out of the way to be there which made us feel pretty special.

so i guess it was just an hour or so after sundown the 6 cars, 7 ppl warmed up the motors & began our trip back northward. overall a very positive & awesome experience & i am personally very pleased i was able to make it out there. we have ALREADY been invited back. making a good first impression FTW!! AJ will no doubt be workin' HARD to get the GPA into UCF-range so he can become a more permanent member of the Otown crew. :hail:

we had little to no problems on the return trip to Orlando & it was nice in the cool weather for the cars & especially so for Matt with his semi-newly acquired newest mod -- plug & play 6000K HID lowbeams! he was lovin' life fo' sho' y0!! :vtec:

edit added ----------- i forgot to mention that after returning back to Orlando we called up Angel whom wanted to be there but couldn't... we met up @ his place & did some DIY mods :woowoo:
*'09 Civic 4DR rear bumper applique for my RR FA5
*replaced the OEM horns in Brett's '08 HRP FA5 with Fit horns

good luck homie on the college plans when the time comes!! & thanks for organizing the event. i hope you have a great birthday Monday & the bday punches will be eminent ;) ;) ;) hahahha j/k :shady: or am i???

as stated above... pics will be posted when i figure this sh!t out with st00pid photobucket website. my premium subscription has expired in the past few days so maybe that has something to do with it. idk.

*AJ & his family planned a birthday BBQ & invited a select small # of Orlando 8ths to attend.
*in the middle of the 170 mile journey down I-95 we encountered an interesting situation involving a douche in a red Dodge truck that cut me off & therefore, angered the rest of the convoy.
*taught the unsuspecting person a lesson in respect :readtherules: :giggle:
*5 FA5s & 1 FG2 made the trip down there in total.
*7 ppl in total
*had a good time
*had some good burgers & munchies
*had a few drinks
*took pics
*told some stories
*drove home
*did some DIY mods @ Angel's house
('09 bumper applique for me, & two Fit horns to replace the OEM horns on Brett's 08 HRP FA5)

the end.

ps- i know your sister Brittany isn't single... but it has to be said. she's definitely not ugly :hiding:... no disrespect but i can't keep quiet forever. hahaha. she's a cutie & there's nothin' wrong with that amirite? good genetics.



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u forgot the getting on the roof to take pics
ohsnap... you're ABSOLUTELY right. well, if i forget something in the future, feel free to add to it in a post.

democracy is a beautiful thing. say anything. just dont have the thread turned into a wh0re post-fest please & thank you.

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damn thats alot of writing dude.

but damn.
meh, if you say so.
research my threads posted & you MIGHT see a pattern developing ;) ;) hahahaha

my Jax meet thread > all else to this point in time.


is this a firefox issue or a website domain error??
Address Not Found

Firefox can't find the server at Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket.

The browser could not find the host server for the provided address.

* Did you make a mistake when typing the domain? (e.g. "ww.mozilla.org" instead of "www.mozilla.org")
* Are you certain this domain address exists? Its registration may have expired.
* Are you unable to browse other sites? Check your network connection and DNS server settings.
* Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.

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k, update. its gonna be awhile... but i figured out Photobucket's woes. i had to clear all my cache & cookies & password data. pain in the a$$ but i got it now.

momentarily will post in this order:
*gas station rollout in Orlando
*rollin' shots on the trip down south
*quick snaps @ a gas station in West Palm
*photos @ AJ's house
*ppl photos & random stuff @ AJ's birthday party

thanks for your patience.

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yayyy photos... booo blurry sh!t-ass point & shoot camera. im REALLY starting to dislike my Christmas gift :sadface: :rantsmiley:

anywho, here's the pics in a few posts to break them up slightly as mentioned before:

first... this is the mileage from Orlando to WBP back to Orlando to Angel's
yielded me 31mpg on that tank. after about 360ish total miles including the bit of driving i did today (Sunday)


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gas station pre-meet before rollin' out to the highway

showin' off the interesting painter's tape jobs by a few of us. :woot:


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rollin' shots. im sorry all i have done to these pics is resize in photobucket. my desktop took a sh!t on me recently so im without photoshop cs2 or any other program that can assist w/ photos. also, i have only previewed the pics once so i just added a bunch without checking them thoroughly.

that said, a few are blurry & im sorry in advance. pain in the a$$ Nikon camera isn't what i expected and wanted in a new camera sadly.

rollin' shots


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