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Beautiful quality vid. Very nice lot too. You CA boys are spoiled, here in OH we are still dealing with snow and once it melts that just means potholes on course! Having 75 second courses must be nice too. A typical course in the Central Kentucky, Cincinnati, Western Ohio, or Ohio Valley (I travel to a lot of events) lasts around 40 seconds in my H-stock LX.

I've only been auto-x for a year, but I got 100+ runs in this past season and did the EVO school so take my comments with a grain of salt. It looks like you got a little behind in the slalom around 55 seconds into the first video. I recognize the feeling of trying to get around those last two cones in a three cone slalom very well, as I struggle to turn in early on the first cone and then make smaller adjustments throughout the slalom. Your line through that same section looks much tighter (as does the whole run) in the second video.

Here's a quick video of some of my poor driving:
Watch the high quality version

You can see that I turn in too late into the first chicago box in the double chicago box combo and I pay for it at the end of the second box. Anyways, enjoy!
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