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    I have a problem with mi civic si 2008 coupe, the VSA, /!/ light and chech engine light turned on. Also my car went to the limp mode around 3200rpm. I read the codes and have P2647, i have found a lot of info and i went to the conclution that i have to replace de spool valve solenoid. Looking...
  2. DIY Honda Civic Engine
    I'm currently rebuilding my engine as of right now, and I'm installing the head. I came across that you can supposedly lock the Vtec mechanism in the rocker assembly with a longer pin or switching the pins around. Is there any downsides with having vtec on start up? Is this bad for the...
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I bought a 2009 Si with 127k a couple weeks ago. Bone stock. VTEC engaged normally for a couple weeks, and then one day it just completely stopped working. Oil level is fine (just changed my oil just in case), no CEL or pending codes. No loss of power or anything, just no VTEC crossover at 6k at...
  4. King Motorsports Unlimited
    From V-Twin mechanic to V-TEC expert. Check out KMS engine builder Chad LeBeau's interview on our blog.
1-4 of 4 Results