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  1. Articles - Chassis
    I have a Nebraska rebuilt title Honda Civic SI 2009 sedan, I've been trying to investigate into this issue. I've ran my cheap little code reader with no codes, my abs does work. I posted on the Facebook forums with no help. There was a couple articles on here but it seems like they just gave up...
  2. Introduction & Pictures
    When i start the ignition the vsa activation indication triangle is on /!\ and cant turn on the vsa when holding the vsa button and no vsa light dont turn on ? any reasons. would appreciate it
  3. Vsa activation indicator stays on

    the triangle exclamation mark stays when i start the ignition. any clues what it could be. and also the vsa light is off and cant turn it on or off indication and try to hold the vsa button to see if any beep sound turn on, but nothing happens?
  4. Articles - Chassis
    So I did a clutch in my FA5 and had to drop the subframe but I suspended the rack safely so it never came disconnected from steering column but now that I’ve got everything back together the VSA light just stays on I’ve tried holding the button and turning the car off and back on so what can I...
  5. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Haven't done any work realistically that I think could have caused these to pop up but they frighten me, as my civic is at 162k miles and rising fast. Reading a quick scan with a foxwell nt510 elite I receive ABS codes of: 61-1 dtc modular control unit initial ig low voltage, 83-19 dtc-ecm/pcm...
  6. Suspension and Brakes
    Hey all, how's it going? Sorry if I'm about to ask some stupid questions. I was driving the other day when the parking brake light popped up and stayed on. Few seconds later the VSA pops on too. Everything feels fine however, but I know I shouldn't ignore this. I check brake fluid this morning...
  7. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi, does anyone know the reason for my VSA (traction control) light to come on? I own a 2008 honda civic si. I remember I broke hard to a stop since someone cut me off. The day after that the VSA light kept coming on if I turn hard or if I brake. I’ve heard that it could be from my speed sensor...
  8. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    New here, have a 08 si coupe ~160k miles, throwing a couple codes I’m unfamiliar with and am having a hard time finding info on. _ 25-15 Yaw rate / Lateral acceleration sensor circuit low voltage 26-22 Lateral acceleration sensor stuck 61-23 Modulator control unit power source low voltage ___...
1-8 of 8 Results