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  1. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I know engine mounts are known to fail and cause vibration when driving or idling. How bad does it have to be until I SHOULD change my engine mounts? Is there any potential harm if I do not change them? It only vibrates SOMETIMES during a stop light or idle but once I start moving it goes away...
  2. Articles - Chassis
    2008 Civic Ex Coupe 142,000 miles *Tires have been balanced twice in the past week to try and remedy My Civic vibrates in the front when I take my foot off the gas (not braking) while going over 50 MPH. Only happens in drive (goes away if you coast in N). No clicking noise (CV axle) or...
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey what's up everyone, I just wanted to reach out to see if anyone else has had this problem with their 8th gen civic coupe. My car is a 2011 Honda Civic LX Coupe with about 86,600 miles. I use it as a commuter car for school so I wanted something I new would be reliable. So to describe...
1-3 of 3 Results