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  1. K20z3 to k24a2

    Engine Swaps, Mounts, Pulleys
    Okay, so recently my block in my k20 blew and I had to replace it so now we’re installing a k24a2. Later down the road I was planning on putting the k20 head on it and boosting it, but for now I need to get it driving again. Anyways, I wasn’t sure about how the tuning would work. I have a 2007...
  2. Ktuner Software on Mac

    ECU Tuning Information
    So I recently made the jump and bought a ktuner v1.2. I only have apple laptops but I am fairly tech savy so I already have a windows partition and ktuner software running on that boot. Im wondering if anyone has had any issues with this method. My ktuner hasn't arrived yet and I want to be...
  3. Installing a takeda CAI, do I need a reflash?

    Intake & Spacer Discussion
    I've been lurking a while and I read something about how if you get an SRI you need a reflash or you lose horsepower. Is the same true for CAIs? Working with a 2009 Civic Lx btw.
  4. Flash tune

    ECU Tuning Information
    I’m a new owner of a 06 Civic si 2.0l k20z3, and i have heard discussion about a tune or a flash tune that maps your exhaust and cold air intake, and flashes your ecu to change v-tech too 4500rpms instead of 6500rpms but I am very un informed and trying to learn
  5. Etunez taking a while

    ECU Tuning Information
    So I ordered the ultimate tune on Sunday and sent all the info they needed and haven't received any feedback or anything. Do you guys know what's going on and did you guys also experience this? This is my first time having someone tune my car so I don't know exactly what's going on. Thanks guys!
  6. Dyno Day Recap - Sunshine and Record Attendance!

    King Motorsports Unlimited
    A stormy weather forecast couldn't keep a record crowd from attending King Motorsports' 4th Annual Dyno Day - the only thing that didn't show up was the rain. 300-plus attendees were greeted by warm temps and sunshine, and that's how it stayed throughout day. Read more.
  7. Hypertech® Obtains C.A.R.B. E.O. for Max Energy Sport Power Programmer!

    Hypertech® Obtains C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-260-13 Making The Max Energy SPORT Power Programmer™ The Only 50-State, Street-Legal Tuner For Imports! The California Air Resources Board has granted Hypertech Executive Order number D-260-13. This C.A.R.B. E.O. pertains to all 2003-2009 Honda vehicles...