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  1. Color Specific Threads
    I’m going out tomorrow to buy a hondata for my 07 Coupe Si and i was wondering what the safest thing for me to do would be ? at the moment i don’t plan on paying a street tuner to tune the car as i don’t have the car fully finished , i plan on getting headers and getting it properly tuned after...
  2. ECU Tuning Information
    I’m in a situation with a tuner right now don’t want him touching my car anymore because my car not running properly after tune. Wasn’t running correctly because of the CAI. The base map I had on my car was from the Vault from hondata that help me with my car that only had a SRI but this time...
  3. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Hey I have a fg2 08 and I’m running a skunk2 cai, skunk2 alpha header and a q300 exhaust and wanted to know what basemap I should run
  4. ECU Tuning Information
    Hello! I recently got a tsudo catback for my r18 and planning on getting a short ram intake on it soon. I've read about needing to tune your car if you add aftermarkets on it as it could potentially give negative effects on the car, now my question is, if I am getting it tuned, do I just go to...
  5. ECU Tuning Information
    All I have on my car right now is the Hybrid racing 3.5” intake. I plan on running I/H/E soon but I have to wait for full race to respond to my email (my dum**** bought it without looking and got one with the 3” inlet lol, hopefully I’ll be able to just switch the tubes). I’m for sure getting a...
  6. DIY Honda Civic Electrical
    While trying to tune my civic with the flashpro if therew the code saying the wen connector (#12 pin) isn't responding, disabling me from actually uploading the tune. Has anyone else had this problem/ know how and where to fix it?
  7. ECU Tuning Information
    I currently am using a Skunk 2 map for CAI, header and exhaust. I have also changed my injector size over from 310 to 410. My current mods are: Hybrid Racing CAI J37 Throttle body/ port matched RBC Skunk 2 Alpha header RDX injectors Full Race exhaust Hybrid Racing fuel rail Does anyone have a...
1-7 of 7 Results