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  1. Inside and Out
    Just picked up a 2007 1.8 mk8 as a replacement for a hydrolocked (oops) Mini and I'm absolutely loving the civic; I've been missing out! I've been going round the car figuring out what I need to improve/replace and one of these things is the trim on the door armrest/window switch...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Need an experience tech!!! 09 Civic Si k20z3 No matter what I do, short fuel trim is high at idle, goes down to 0% under load. I’ve replaced spark plugs(denso, just for routine maintenance ), upstream sensor(denso, it was running rich), maf sensor(denso). Car is stock, only think is a...
  3. Inside and Out
    Hi guys, first post. After searching a bit, I've figured out that the door tape that comes on the pillars of the sedan isn't just vinyl wrap. Here's my question: Has anyone here replaced their door tape? Any advice? Mine is in rough shape, and I'd like to get it looking nicer if possible...
1-3 of 3 Results