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  1. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    HELP, are there any transmissions that are inter changeable with the 1.8l r18. it is turning into a difficult task to find a manual 5 speed transmission
  2. Articles - Engine, Other
    So i recently got a 2009 civic si. 301,450 km. When doing pulls in any gear and trying to shift you get a lockout that will prevent you from shifting over 6k rpm. As soon as the revs drop below that it pops right in no problem. It’s super annoying cause it only does it when you drive it hard and...
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Only way my Honda will shift is if I drive in D3 up until about 50mph then shift up into D then I can continue to get speed. Any ideas how I can fix this??
  4. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have an 08 coupe exl with a 5 speed manual transmission. A piece of my bellhousing broke off and I’m struggling to find the bell housing and or a transmission that will fit. I have an r18A1 motor with the stock transmission. what are the different series transmissions? what series am I /...
  5. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello. I’m new here, first post on a forum ever. Forgive me if I sound dumb, I’ll do my best to give you the best information. On a budget and was never taught much about cars. My car is used mostly for gig work so I try to take good care of it. Regular oil changes with synthetic Its a 06 civic...
  6. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi everyone! In need of some help. I have a 08 si, having some transmission issues and trying to diagnose the problem, the car won’t shift into gear unless I use a lot of force, when it finally does go into gear after being forced its very notchy when trying to go into the next gear. but when...
1-6 of 6 Results