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  1. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Looking at Pirelli P7 All Season Tires for my 09 Si. Anyone riding on these or have other recommendations. Looking for strong dry and wet performance. Not as concerned about noise. Thanks
  2. Car Builds
    8th Gen Civics here, have really good deals on them. So I'll be purchasing one soon. However, my concern lies with the Fuel Economy: Highway : 14.8 kmpl (34.812 Mpg) City : 9.2 kmpl (21.63 Mpg) Though respectable, they still fall short. As a relatively new enthusiast, what mods or tunes should...
  3. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    I have a set of wheels 18x7.5, I want to put some new tires on them but I want some wider wheels with a low profile look since I think there might be some rubbing bc I’m pretty low, any suggestions?
  4. Introduction & Pictures
    Enjoying the forum. Just bought a used 2006 SI Coupe in Blue with 106K miles for 8900. I am pumped. I had A veloster n but had to sell it due to covid and business making less. I am thinking about replacing 1. Inner / Outer Tie Rods 2. CV Axles 3. Control Arms 4. Engine and Transmission Mounts...
  5. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    As my username suggests, I am restoring my mom's old Civic to drive when i'm 15, but the car has been sitting for about 4 years, (parked summer 2017) and it has a few noticeable issues. My dad snapped a head bolt off trying to clean in the engine bay before starting the car ( Back Left ) The...
  6. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have an 08 civic with 180,000 miles. I replaced the old suspension with KYB excel G’s, also new OEM springs for the front and back of the car. New 16 inch rims and same size Hankok tires. Car is stock height. When I’m by myself, I’ll hear tire rub sometimes on turns. When my car is full with...
  7. Suspension and Brakes
    originally i was going to get the skunk 2 pro s but recently lost my stable income so now i’m wondering what’s the cheapest (but still safe) coil overs for my coupe? i mainly just care about the cosmetic of a lowered civic. also pls recommend budget friendly tire and wheel sizes to go w the...
  8. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Any suggestions for ES model tire upgrading?
  9. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    I’m looking for RSX Type S wheels with good tires. Hit me up. Thanks
  10. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello, I recently bought a 2009 Honda civic lx and It's my first car. When I'm driving I hear this noise that's shown in the attached video. I also hear this noise at lower speeds just with a lower frequency which makes me think it possibly just bad tire noise but I'm not sure since it's my...
  11. Color Specific Threads
    Hi, I have a Civic 2006 LX sedan. I always had a sway problem with the front of the car, especially in winter, I live in Quebec. The problem is worst if there is weigh in the trunk or people in the back seat, but even when I'm alone in the car, the front sway side to side. In heavy snow it's...
  12. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Hey guys, I'm 16 and building my first car, a 2010 EX sedan. I am about to install a set of Raceland classic coilovers. It just so happens that upon taking the wheels off, I discovered that all 4 tires are totally worn out and sketchy to drive on. The timing is great however, because these old...
  13. Garage
    Hello, I have a 08 Acura CSX (fancy si) and the TPMS light is on after I’ve put a new sensor in and have had the light cleared. Any ideas what this is? The new sensor is aftermarket and recommends 15 mph minimum for 40 seconds to calibrate.
  14. Civic Si
    I am replacing the stock all season Michelin tires on my 07 SI Sedan. I would like to get a tire that handles very well, and also provides decent ride comfort / wet traction (although I'm more concerned about getting good handling tires). I've been doing some research on several of the tire...
1-14 of 14 Results