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  1. Articles - Engine, Core
    i know that the z3 head flows better than the RBB head that's on the k24 block now but does it fit on the k24 block? i have been basing my plans for the swap off of driveway-built's guide for this exact swap and they said they only wanted to use the RBC intake manifold and VTC gear off of the z3...
  2. Articles - Engine, Core
    I am in the middle of a large repair to replace/upgrade the following: -Oil pump chain/guides -Crank sprocket -Timing chain tensioner/chain/guides -Valve lash adjust I realized my vtc actuator also needs to be replaced. Im running the OEM cams with Skunk2 I/H/E and wide bore TB, OEM oil...
  3. Garage
    If anyone is in va , and is willing to help me throw some parts on my si for $ .Be a life saver.Or just a recommendation for a mechanic that I could possibly afford.Much appreciated.Willing to do all the work just need a little guidance.Thanks in advance.
1-3 of 4 Results