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  1. Color Specific Threads
    Hi all. I'm brand spanking new here... I have a '07 civic 5spd and am about to buy an Si of the same gen. Planning my build out in advance as to avoid the "isle 7 mods" mistakes so I can make a super clean build. The question I have is this: trying to get a flush fitment as low as possible...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello, everyone. So on my 2006 Honda Civic Ex, I have a thicker 19 Rear sway bar but I kept the same sway bar end links. I have a new set of structs/shocks on my car, but I kept the same springs. Also, I'm considering getting a upper front strut bar installed. I kept the sway bar links cuz I...
1-2 of 2 Results