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  1. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Hello everyone, I found a used one owner 2007 civic si sedan 4D with 97k miles. the vehicle is completely stock. do you think its worth it to pay 8500$ for the car? what should I watch out for while checking out this vehicle? Any comments or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you...
  2. Intake & Spacer Discussion
    Decided to switch out my takeda sri for the stock airbox. Curious what this hose does. Currently have it hooked up to nothing. Thanks for any help, cheers
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello, I used to have a 06 Civic Ex sedan and the gas used to last me for up to three weeks. Unfortunately It was totaled because someone rear ended me. Now I have a 08 Civic Lx Sedan. I changed the engine air filter, got the throttle body cleaned, fuel injectors clean, spark plugs change...
  4. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello anyone going to read this, i have a 2008 coupe si with skunk 2 CAI, skunk 2 alpha series headers ran with stock exhaust no cat. Also running base map off hondata. While driving A/F is normal, while idling A/F is normal. As soon as i let off the gas A/F shoots up to 29. I will be uploading...
  5. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Help! I recently purchased a 2006 civic EX and I do not know a whole lot about vehicle modification. Here are some basic questions... if anyone can help me out I would be greatly appreciated. This is what I know: The air intake feeds the engine with air. The path that the air takes...
1-5 of 5 Results