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  1. Interior & Exterior FS
    100% Brand New (Unpainted raw material, some minor scratches expected) VEHICLE TYPE 06-11 Civic 4dr (Sedan) [US-Spec FA Chassis]. STYLE Mugen RR + Red LED 3rd Brake Light. SPEC ABS Plastic (Unpainted Black). New In Box. Sold as is. Decided to go a different route.
  2. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    So I have an '08 EX sedan looking to put a spoiler on. I like the look of the Si spoilers (they're cheaper on this website too), but with the brake light, I'm wondering how extensive it would be to wire the spoiler light. Would I just disconnect the light in the back windshield or something? Not...
  3. Inside and Out
    Hey y'all! I'm planning on buying a wing for my civic! Wanted to know if Fiberglass would be better than ABS Plastic. I know ABS is more durable than fiberglass but I'm worried that if I was to get the ABS it would look flimsy when driving it since....its plastic! Fiberglass however, would...
  4. Wanted Forum
    Hey All, First post on the forum, been lurking for a bit though. I'm looking to buy rear and side HFP under-spoilers for my 2009 FG2. Color of car is Crystal Black Pearl, but Nighthawk Black Pearl would work as well. I'd prefer original kits from Honda, but I'm open to replicas. Your help is...
1-4 of 8 Results