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  1. Florida
    Might as well start this since the other thread is going to get closed bc its over 10,000 post..
  2. Georgia
    anyone in brunswick, st simons, brantley, anywhere around?
  3. Georgia
    Okay.. New Rules: If you want to be added to the list - Copy & Paste the list into a reply in this thread. Add yourself as the next available number. No special numbers will be allocated - make sure it's numerical order. I'm not going to be in charge of updating the list. If you want to be...
  4. Georgia
    Moving there for work just wanted to know whats there
  5. Florida
    NEW LOCATION!!!! kendall 88th st. and 117th av.!!!!!!!!! every tuesday! 9:30-10:00 Hey guys i live down in the M.I.A. and i wanted to start a little car meet. P.M. me if interested. But i know a good location that relatively doesn't get heated. The thing is im tired of driving from hangout to...
  6. Florida
    So I've seen a couple Si's around the area here. Anyone on here?
  7. Florida
    I am just starting this thread to have a chat section for us, in addition I am planning a roll call that will be update as more ppl join this thread. 1) Firestrife (keenan) ----- NBP FG2 2) Maiku ------------ TW FG2 3) gonFA5 (John) -------- TW FA5 4) whtdvl (lucas)...
  8. Georgia
    anyone from the columbus area on here?
  9. Georgia
    Hey I just moved down here and I am going to Valdosta State University! Looking to see how many fellow 8th gen owners are on here in the area, so post up!
  10. Florida
    Anybody from the panhandle want to start having regular meets every month in Pensacola, Panama City, etc? Let me know if your interested!!!
  11. Georgia
    Ok guys, i think this is a cool idea for a thread, post your vehicle info, and mod list. you should update it as you mod more and more. This is not a chat thread, 1 post per person with mod list, you may update, but dont plan meets in here, mods will delete. ill go first. "Ridge"Racer...
  12. Georgia
    Setting up an import meeting in Pooler,GA for a new car club next month. Trying to get a good group together to ride. Start adding to the list.
  13. Georgia
    I have seen many on my commute to and from work. Just spotted a NBP on 285 westbound @ 400 around 5:40. Anybody? Anybody? Who else is in the area?
1-18 of 18 Results