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  1. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Hello, I am new here and I’m just starting to learn more about my car. I have a 09 Civic Si and I just got a Skunk2 alpha header & q300 exhaust. Everything is good except the vibration on the header which is very loud on idle & I think it’s hitting the frame of the car as it’s too close which...
  2. Exhaust Discussion
    Currently running the skunk2 rr exhaust with Skunk2 alpha headers. Was wondering if someone currently has the same setup what are their horsepower with the silencer on and with out it. I seen a post that showed at dyno with just the exhaust and stock headers but that was from 2007 and they lost...
  3. Articles - Engine, Core
    Hi all, I'm pretty new to all this stuff but I'm learning as I go. I'm trying to create a pretty decent NA build overtime but I'm not 100% sure on some things. I just purchased skunk2 stage 3 cams along with titanium retainers and new springs. I plan on buying a new chain and tensioner as well...
  4. Wanted Forum
    I'm looking for a Skunk2 full exhaust for Honda Si sedan. If you are selling please message me.
  5. Car Builds
    I have a 2007 Honda Civic LX, and i’m looking to lower the car but yet not dramatically change the comfort. I can’t afford those $900 coilovers. So i’m looking for the best lowering springs either brand or specific kit.
  6. Suspension and Brakes
    Hello. my rear Skunk2 Pro SIIrear coilovers stop threading at a certain point, despite there being about an inch and a half of threads left. Could there be a bad thread in this area? I measured the base and the shock and from what I saw, the shock can definitely be lowered to where the black...
  7. Suspension and Brakes
    Hello. I recently purchased Skunk Pro S II coilovers for my coupe, and I immediately dropped all 4 shocks to the lowest setting. However, I noticed that the front had dropped a lot more then the rear. The front dropped almost all the way to the top lip of the wheel, but the rear barely reaches...
  8. Header Discussion
    Hello Everyone, Recently bought a 2009 Fg2. Decided to go with the Skunk 2 Alpha headers. After Installing them I realized that the primary o2 sensor is abutting the shift linkage. I also installed the Hasport 70a. Has anyone else had this issue and if so are there any remedies? Thank you!
  9. Vendor Deals
    XLR8 Exhaust Systems - Excelerate - HOA - Japanese Performance Specialist ________________________________________ Search Results - Excelerate Performance - European, Exotic and Japanese Performance Specialists!! ________________________________________ Search Results - Excelerate...
  10. Suspension and Brakes
    Having that perfect ride is a topic that has been discussed for ages. Initially we thought the masses wanted an aggressive "race" feel from their cars, come to find out that isn't what everybody wanted. Well, you asked for it, and we listened. Skunk2’s Pro-S II Coilovers for the ’06-’11 Civic...
  11. Cams & Internals
    This Chapter is Closed.
  12. DIY Honda Civic Engine
    Recently I received my Skunk2 intake and decided to make a DIY because this install can be complicated for first timers. This install took me about 8+ hours. I also made a printer friendly PDF with pictures attached to this thread. This guide will not explain every single removal procedure, it...
  13. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Hey, im new to this site but have been using it for info for a while. I have a 08 NHBP fg2. I have done some searching for my first mods and decided to go with fujita SRI and skunk2 70mm. (and skunk2 shift knob) I have tried searching forums to see if anyone has same combo or anything but didn't...
1-13 of 17 Results