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  1. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Hello, I am new here and I’m just starting to learn more about my car. I have a 09 Civic Si and I just got a Skunk2 alpha header & q300 exhaust. Everything is good except the vibration on the header which is very loud on idle & I think it’s hitting the frame of the car as it’s too close which...
  2. Car Builds
    2009 Redline Orange Pearl Si Coupe.....:Orange-Sl HDR's Non HDR's Engine/Performance Modifications AEBS T-Sleeved 88mm Sleeved K20z3 block Supertech 88mm 3.5cc pistons RRC Oil Pump ARP Head Studs Cosworth Headgasket .043" DC5...
1-2 of 2 Results