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side skirts
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  1. Wanted Forum
    Hey All, First post on the forum, been lurking for a bit though. I'm looking to buy rear and side HFP under-spoilers for my 2009 FG2. Color of car is Crystal Black Pearl, but Nighthawk Black Pearl would work as well. I'd prefer original kits from Honda, but I'm open to replicas. Your help is...
  2. Wanted Forum
    Aloha Guys, Any recommendation on where to buy a HFP side skirts and/or rear lip for a 2007 Honda Civic Si Coupe? Or, if you guys have it for sell (ship it to Maui, Hawaii). Thank you! Greatly appreciated.
  3. Inside and Out
    Hello. So I finally picked up a full HFP appearance set and I got the front and rear lips attached. However, I looked at the instructions for the side skirts, and there is one step I am not sure about. Step 25 says to cut into the shaded area with a knife, but it doesn’t say exactly how to cut...
1-3 of 4 Results