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  1. Articles - Body
    Hey Everybody! I've been reading this forum for awhile and its helped me out alot, but today I bite the bullet and made an account because Im not sure if anyone has this same problem. Last week I was putting some coil overs on my 2007 Civic Si FA5, When I pulled back the trunk carpet I came...
  2. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Hello, I am looking for a Honda Civic Sedan 1.8 i-VTEC (2008) with an automatic transmission. Can you have me with more information on the mechanics and how reliable they are? All I found out so far is that it's a 5 speed gearbox. What kind of transmission is it? An article said that the 1.3...
  3. Introduction & Pictures
    hi guys, a few days ago my 2010 civic sedan with 68,000km (42k miles) got hit in a parking lot. we think she was going too fast based on the damage on my car. insurance said after the initial inspection its around 6k cad in damage. I wondering if u think my car will be written off.
  4. Inside and Out
    Anyone had any luck getting one of these rear lips for a 2009-2011 sedan? Found this: Rear Underbody Spoiler Civic - $265.37 But the only options for Si Sedan were for year 2006-2008. Shouldn't fitment be the same? I know they've been long discontinued but thought it's worth an ask. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results