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  1. Introduction & Pictures
    This was my first “nice” car, a 2008 DX civic coupe. My actual first car was an old Mazda protege rust bucket with peeling clear coat that I only had for two years before it died. I haven’t done much to my car, and it’s bone stock since I plan on keeping the amazing fuel economy it gets. What I...
  2. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    i’ve been looking into these rims however i’m stuck up on the bolt spacing because i know we run about a 114 and the new ones are a 120 is this enough to cause damage in the future or i mean would it even fit at all😭 i am still currently at factory height also
  3. Wheels & Tires FS
    Hi folks, What vehicles do 09 civic stock rims suit?...And what value to put on them? I have 4 x 205/55R16x6.5 rims and tires with TPMS sensors I want to sell but am not sure what else they fit. I’d like some info to put in the ad. Could anyone assist please? I feel like this is fairly common...
  4. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    I have a 07 Civic coupe. Looking to put some stock rsx or tsx wheels on it. I’m not going to lower the car at all. Which rim size would fit best? 16” or 17”? Thanks!
  5. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Hello! So I picked up a set of F1R F28s that someone had spray painted black. He told me that underneath was a polished silver finish, so I decided I wanted to remove the paint. So I got a rag and started stripping off the paint. It worked perfectly fine on the first wheel, but then when I got...
  6. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    couldn’t find any color and rim threads that were watermarked. so i thought of starting a new one. i have a tafetta white 8th gen civic si. i’m lowering it with eibach springs this week. i have red powder coated rims and drilled and slotted rotors. and i want that to be popped out too. it’s...
  7. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    So I’m looking to get a new set of rims for my coupe. I was looking around at some parts, and I found this photo of a coupe with rims that I think look really good: (That diffuser is sick too, right? :love:) Anyways, that’s the only photo I could find of that specific coupe so that’s all I...
  8. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    i have an lx civic and have been thinking about gettin rims, but i really see no point to it since the wheelcovers look decent. is there any reason y i should upgrade to rims besides for looks? will rims improve performance for everyday use? i always assumed that the wheelcovers + tire is...
1-8 of 8 Results