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  1. Clutch & Transmission
    I have my r18 transmission disassembled and i wanna know if an si lsd would fit ,my friend has a cheap si lsd for sale and i wonder if it would fit in my r18 trans 2008 lx
  2. Introduction & Pictures
    Gutted cat manifold but new high flow cat should be here later today
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    (R18a1) 09 Hi! First time poster but I’ve been on this site for the past two years anyway I was trying to get ready for emissions considering I’m 6 months overdue and I couldn’t get my fuel trims anywhere close to healthy. I’m running excessively lean. I replaced my original fuel pump and...
  4. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I just noticed oil leaking from here and i’m not sure what that black cap is? What should I do and what is the name of it?
  5. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have an 08 coupe exl with a 5 speed manual transmission. A piece of my bellhousing broke off and I’m struggling to find the bell housing and or a transmission that will fit. I have an r18A1 motor with the stock transmission. what are the different series transmissions? what series am I /...
  6. Inside and Out
    I just installed the hybrid racing cold air intake on my Si, and the relocation bracket that came with it cleans up the engine bay really nice, I'm wondering if it would fit on my 06 EX coupe. Anyone tried putting it on an R18?
  7. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Hello, I am in a predicament. I drive 2007 R18 EX and I have owned it for almost 2 years now. I say I’m in a predicament because I would love to upgrade parts of the car like the suspension, electronics (Apple CarPlay), rims, and a full paint job but I’m just afraid of spending all that for...
  8. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    YouTube Link to the sound of the engine 2006 Civic LX Coupe 130,000 miles Maintenance was not kept up well until I bought it a few months ago Always had a loud clack/rattle above 1500rpm Recently adjusted the valves Was driving today and it started making a bad clunking rumbling noise then...
  9. Header Discussion
    Does anyone have an RV6 Catted Downpipe/Header for sale for an 8th gen R18 Sedan? I am located in Missouri. 2008 Civic LX
  10. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    It's been 8-10 months or so since I started to notice an hesitation when accelerating again, only during heavy traffic. This does not happen under cruising situations. Only during heavy stop-and-go traffic. Car is a 2011 Civic, 1.8L flex fuel engine (R18A6 - South american model). 55000 miles...
  11. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    So now that I've got the car running nicely, I'm looking to do a few minor mods to the cars appearance and sound. It has the r18. I want to hear the engine just a bit more when I drive . I have the stock muffler right now and nothing is wrong with it but I love hearing the sound of my vehicle...
  12. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I’m going to try replacing the engine and transmission for my 2006 Honda Civic. I watched some videos explaining that to remove the tranny you have to drop the subframe. I haven’t found anything on removing both at once Can I remove the front end and rotate the engine and tranny so I don’t have...
  13. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I am sure this has been asked 100 times already but I would appreciate some feedback on my specific situation. My 06 honda civic has started knocking at 180k and I am not sure what to do. Rebuilding the engine is out of the question so I am left with either replacing it or buying a new car. I...
  14. Introduction & Pictures
    Hey everyone. I have been occasionally looking around on the forums for awhile now and decided to start posting a bit. My name is max, I have been an 8th gen owner since 2018. Starting with my 2008 civic hybrid I had. I got my current 2010 LX in April 2020 and sold off the hybrid in February...
  15. Car Builds
    One of my goals for this year is make my daily FG1 look as clean as possible. Right now I’m fixing bunch of issues (new rack and pinion, new control arms, tires, at some point new ecu, etc.) after that I would like to make some under-the-hood mods to improve performance. What would be the...
  16. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Installed a weapon r manifold, Sri, and a dc sports cutback. I can't get it to start now. Ran like dog poo then died out and won't fire back up, acts like it's fouling plugs. Help PLZ!
  17. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey y'all. I have an 06 FG1 and when it's extremely cold outside (like -10 or colder, I've found that if it's more than -10 it doesn't happen at all), she won't warm up at idle, but once I get going she warms up again.. until I hit a stop light, then the coolant temp starts dropping as if I've...
  18. Suspension and Brakes
    Hi Honda bros, update Since the skunk 2 rear camber arms and a proper alignment getting back to as close to zero factory spec we could get, it had changed the car completely. Rolling better, honestly it handles so well now. I’ve since matched equal distribution of damper setting up front and in...
  19. ECU Tuning Information
    Hello! I recently got a tsudo catback for my r18 and planning on getting a short ram intake on it soon. I've read about needing to tune your car if you add aftermarkets on it as it could potentially give negative effects on the car, now my question is, if I am getting it tuned, do I just go to...
1-20 of 34 Results