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  1. Dyno Tuned But wasnt what i expected.

    Hello all! I have a 2011 Honda Civic Si Sedan, I reecently got my car tuned with hondata Mods i have installed -Takeda Short Ram Air Intake -Skunk2 Alpha Headers -Invidia Q300 Exhaust When i arrived at the shop and they did the first run it was at 197hp with the basemap i had installed on it...
  2. HFP side skirt install question

    Inside and Out
    Hello. So I finally picked up a full HFP appearance set and I got the front and rear lips attached. However, I looked at the instructions for the side skirts, and there is one step I am not sure about. Step 25 says to cut into the shaded area with a knife, but it doesn’t say exactly how to cut...