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  1. Wanted Forum
    Looking for something to replace my skunk2 megapower catback (volume is getting a bit annoying), ideally I would like to switch to the Q300. The axelback of the Q300 should line up with the skunk2 exhaust... PAYPAL ONLY TL;DR: WTB Q300 axelback for FA5.
  2. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Will the q300 axleback fit an 8th gen civic ex midpipe??
  3. Exhaust Discussion
    Hey everyone, just have a question on the Invidia Q300 exhaust that I have. I've been pulled over a few times all ready (I reside in PA) for having a "modified exhaust" they say that the car is too loud but I know the Q300 is one of the quieter exhausts out there. I was wondering is there any...
  4. Car Builds
    2009 Redline Orange Pearl Si Coupe.....:Orange-Sl HDR's Non HDR's Engine/Performance Modifications AEBS T-Sleeved 88mm Sleeved K20z3 block Supertech 88mm 3.5cc pistons RRC Oil Pump ARP Head Studs Cosworth Headgasket .043" DC5...
1-4 of 6 Results