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  1. 8thcivic.com Site News
    From the moment the eighth-generation Honda Civic first burst onto the scene for the 2006 model year, it was clear that the compact car had all the right stuff to live up to the very high standards set by its forebears. With a reasonably low curb weight, a solid powertrain, and astonishingly...
  2. DIY Honda Civic Engine
    I'm currently rebuilding my engine as of right now, and I'm installing the head. I came across that you can supposedly lock the Vtec mechanism in the rocker assembly with a longer pin or switching the pins around. Is there any downsides with having vtec on start up? Is this bad for the...
  3. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Hello everyone! My brother is handing over his 2008 honda civic EXL manual (174k miles) to me since he is getting a new a car. I got the car for free so im feeling alright splurging a good amount of money into it! Im fully aware that it is only an r18 engine The car is completely stock (for...
1-3 of 13 Results