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  1. Intakes, Exhausts, & Headers FS
    I have the stock exhaust muffler/axle back and the stock air intake box w/ K&N drop in filter from a 2007 Honda Civic LX Coupe for sale. Located in SF Bay Area. exhaust - $80 Intake - $50 or $100 for both
  2. Wanted Forum
    Looking for an hfp rear lip for sedan. Color doesn’t matter and I’m willing to pay shipping.
  3. Inside and Out
    I have a FG1 and my front bumper has a lot of issues: screw holes broke, its dented both sides where it meets the headlights, it has a three inches crack below the fog lights, anyway bunch of it. I’m about to do suspensions works and get it new tires and I was also thinking on replace the...
  4. Exhaust Discussion
    Hey everyone! I bought a catback for my 2006 Civic LX 5spd on eBay for $115 or so a couple of years back, and within a year the entire muffler was rattling because the inside of it had deteriorated. From time to time I open it up and pull out more pieces of the inside of the muffler that are...
  5. For Sale & Trade Items
    OEM Honda Civic FD1 hood. Hood is longer than the normal OEM Si hood and will fit perfectly if doing a conversion. &
  6. Clutch & Transmission
    Well guys I installed my ktuned cmc/slave over the weekend. Used the OEM bracket but didn't use the OEM rod. I'm reading everywhere that people use/recommend to use the OEM rod instead of the ktuned one. Did I mess up? What's the difference between the two? Thanks, appreciate any help, cheers
  7. Inside and Out
    We finally found a source for some ridiculous JDM goodness! We were able to source the OEM JDM steering wheel emblems! Yes, it's true -- get excited! The CTR steering wheel emblems will be available some time soon. No other company that I am aware of has been able to source these! We also...
  8. Inside and Out
    Receive an extra $10 off 8th Generation splash guard sets when you use coupon code "8TH0511" at checkout. This coupon has a limited number of uses. Valid part numbers 08P00-SNA-100 & 08P00-SVA-100.
  9. Inside and Out
    I'm tired of waiting for a Honda HFP special so I'm blasting out one of our own. Valid right now through 11/14 take $50 off any 06-11 Civic HFP Suspension Kit using coupon code "8THCIVHFP". Use this code during the checkout process online. Orders will ship out next week.
1-9 of 10 Results