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  1. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I was just gifted an OBD2 scanner and I thought it would be perfect to test out since I still need to get an inspection done. As I did an emission test with it and got back all green checks. But it also threw me a code of P0352 (Ignition Coil B, Primary/ secondary circuit). But when I drove the...
  2. DIY Honda Civic Electrical
    While trying to tune my civic with the flashpro if therew the code saying the wen connector (#12 pin) isn't responding, disabling me from actually uploading the tune. Has anyone else had this problem/ know how and where to fix it?
  3. Past Dragon Meets
    Hey guys, just bought a flashpro for my r18 but I can't get it to connect due to the wen pin code, I have tried everything I have seen on the forums and tested voltage and the wen pin is definitely the issue. Anyone have information on how/where to fix the pin? Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results