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  1. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Ok so as the title says my A/C isn't coming out of the dash board vents. The vents by my feet on the driver's side work great, I have tried with all speeds and it stays constant. This is for my 2011 Honda Civic Lx and this is a very recent problem. The defrost setting worked at last check. I am...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Howdy, Brand spanking new to the forums and new to Hondas in general. I'm itching for some vtec (yo) and I've decided I'm pretty set on getting an 8th gen. I'm wondering about mechanical things I should watch out for. I know the k20 is an absolutely monster of an engine (reliability wise), and...
  3. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Just got an 8th gen civic sedan a few months ago. These are the questions I have. 1. How do I know what model I have, (90 percent sure its the base model dx with a few upgrades) 2. The exhaust needs to be replaced due to being eaten by the Fl salt air. Who makes a decently loud exhaust that...
  4. Introduction & Pictures
    Greetings! I have my 8th gen FD (R18A1 engine, production year 2007) for 6 years now. I've started doing minor repair and maintenance jobs up to the point that for the past two years my car has never seen a mechanic or an electrician whatsoever. Having done quite a few jobs so far, starting from...
  5. Introduction & Pictures
    Hey guys, just joined here, I have a Ralleye Red 06 EX Coupe 5 speed manual with 81k on the clock. I got it not too long ago. My first Civic, but I'm excited to own one. I'm planning a few mods but nothing too crazy. It's gonna be my daily, after all.
  6. Introduction & Pictures
    I have an 08 civic LX, yes I know not much to make it fast, but what advice for looks, I’m 100% new to any of this so great tips/ideas would be wonderful thanks! Is springs worth it? How do I know which ones to get ? Already got new headlights,rainguards, SRI, appleplay, tints coming after covid...
1-6 of 6 Results