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  1. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Is anyone running 20mm spacers on a Mugen si ? Im trying to figure out if the oem studs will have any issues with the oem wheels
  2. Introduction & Pictures
    Hello, I’ve had my Mugen Si for almost 3yrs now. I know there was only 1000 made, but who knows how many are actually left.. Can we call ALL legit 2008 Mugen Si owners?! & can we figure out the numbers?! by just posting the last 4 digits of our vin #’s.. mine is 1157. Please & Thanks!! If not...
  3. Inside and Out
    Mugen finally released a slightly different version of the coveted Mugen Civic RR shift knob, and they are amazing! We have only two in stock, bought them at full retail to do some testing, now they're up for sale at a discounted price. Retail is ~180-$200, selling them for $150 shipped, red...
  4. Inside and Out
    We were able to get our hands on 4 of these AMAZING shift knobs... 2 are gone already. Price is $140 shipped (retail is $170), email us at [email protected] if interested. -Pete
1-4 of 29 Results