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  1. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Is anyone running 20mm spacers on a Mugen si ? Im trying to figure out if the oem studs will have any issues with the oem wheels
  2. Inside and Out
    How do you all feel about mixing and matching body kits for your 8th gen Civic? I myself am doing a type R look for side skirts and front and rear end but with a Mugen Wing (cuz I'm broke and I just wanna get a wing)šŸ˜œ.....or should I just wait it out and buy the Type R wing? :unsure: Or would...
  3. Introduction & Pictures
    Hey bro's, i want install a Mugen RR bodykit and change the headlights to the Type R version. Is it possible ? I need to change my fenders ? Thanks everyone !
  4. Suspension and Brakes
    Hey guys does anyone know where can I get the brake pads for the Megan racing brake kit? I want to replace the front brake pads on my 08 Si but they don't have them in any of my local auto shops. I have been searching up for them but I can only find the whole brake system.
  5. Wanted Forum
    Hi guys, I'm rebuilding a 2008 Mugen Si and the original grill is cracked and not fixable. If anyone has one please let me know because I have looked for weeks and can't find one other than the dealership.
  6. Introduction & Pictures
    I got a new Mugen Wednesday night. My husband just had time this morning to wash and put a few coats of wax on. Here are a few pictures, nothing fancy. A few pictures from the local college last night
1-6 of 6 Results