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  1. Articles - Engine, Core
    I've got an fg2 06 si and can't remove the passenger motor mount surrounding the timing cover. All bolts are out for the top section to be removed however the bolt threads from the mount bracket(between timing cover & mount) seem to hook onto my part. I'm gonna attach some pictures. Every video...
  2. Articles - Chassis
    I replaced my passenger side hydraulic upper motor mount at 99k miles. Replaced with Anchor brand motor mount. The new one lasted about 3 weeks and now it has collapsed and the vibration has returned. Can anyone recommend motor mounts that will last . Thanks !
  3. Wanted Forum
    I have a plm header waiting to go on my 08 fg2, and heard a rear motor mount is almost necessary for any header. That being said I am ISO a used hasport rear motor mount, I would like to find one with less than 5k miles. I am located in mid Michigan. Thanks to anyone who responds!
1-3 of 4 Results