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  1. Moddiction convex blue tinted side mirrors.

    Inside and Out
    Thought I would post these here. Recently joined up as a vendor. We had made these a few months ago. Did a batch of coupe and sedan mirrors. Each set comes with 2 mirrors. They are made to replace the stock mirror glass completely. Gets rid of any blind spots as well as dims headlights at...
  2. Moddiction Honda Civic SI Blue Tinted Convex side mirrors. $60.99 shipped!!!

    Moddiction Blue tinted convex side mirrors for the 8th gen civic SI. Should fit non SI model as well. For Sedan click HERE For Coupe click HERE Product Description -Honda Civic 2006-2010. -Available for Sedan or Coupe. Price is for a set of both Left and Right side replacement mirror...
  3. Moddiction Stainless steel and Titanium SHIFT KNOBS and Extenders!

    My name is Ryan. I am the owner and producer of all the shift knobs. I will also be the one responding to any PM's, Emails, Phone calls or in the threads on here. My website is: Moddiction - Homepage Become a fan of Moddiction on Facebook to get updates on new product, discount codes, info on...