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  1. Suspension and Brakes
    Hey guys does anyone know where can I get the brake pads for the Megan racing brake kit? I want to replace the front brake pads on my 08 Si but they don't have them in any of my local auto shops. I have been searching up for them but I can only find the whole brake system.
  2. Kplayground
    Megan Racing M-FG Universal Muffler Available in Blue/Chrome Tip with Matt black/Chrome Stainless steel finish. The M-FG is designed with a more conservative Oval design rather than the common Canister style universal mufflers. These are more discreet to law enforcement and although...
  3. Kplayground
    Megan Racing M-Spec II universal muffler is made of carbon fiber and titanium tip. Featuring a 4" Burnt Tip and 2.4" Inlet, the muffler gives a deep tone that proves aggressive at Wide-Open Throttle. Spec: - 20" long, 6" width, 4" FLAT tip, 5" long on tip and 2.4" inlet - Removable BLACK...
1-3 of 3 Results