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  1. Mid-Atlantic
    Hi all, I recently moved to DMV area. Any suggestions for good auto shops or independent mechanics that perform quality work with reasonable price? The starter replacement on my civic cost me almost $1k at Honda dealership which is costly. I really appreciate your time and recommendations...
  2. TECH Exchange Discussion Area
    I was going to post in the NorCal forum but it hasn't had any activity for over a year now. I didn't know where else to post. I'm looking to buy a 2009 Si from a private seller in San Jose. I just wanted to know if anyone on here knows a local mechanic I can trust to inspect the car. Or if you...
  3. Garage
    TLDR: Car was in front end collision and not turning over. Hey guys, first time posting on here. I bought a 2006 Civic SI and was involved in a front end collision. Trailer hitch ran through the grill into the radiator and ac condenser. Messed the front end up pretty good but I am able to do...
  4. Garage
    If anyone is in va , and is willing to help me throw some parts on my si for $ .Be a life saver.Or just a recommendation for a mechanic that I could possibly afford.Much appreciated.Willing to do all the work just need a little guidance.Thanks in advance.
1-4 of 4 Results