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  1. 8thcivic.com Site News
    I purchased my car with an extended warranty that covers bumper to bumper. I was thinking about buying the K Tuned complete CMC and Slave kit. I was wondering if it would void warranty if something were to happen transmission wise?
  2. Articles - Chassis
    I recently installed Koni STR.T shocks, H&R lowering springs, and K-Tuned adjustable rear camber arms on my '08 Si, and it lowered my car by about 1.25 inches all around. Now it feels a lot more stable when cornering, but I noticed that the car doesn't turn in quite as quickly as it used to...
  3. What is This?
    It's stamped "K-Tuned" on the front, this is on the front of my '07 Si FA5, recently purchased, - below the intake behind the radiator. It appears to be capped on one end, the other end looks to be maybe a cable or small fluid line running back towards the firewall / cabin. I know the picture is...
  4. 8thcivic.com Site News
    help me. when I finished install Ktuned Cai and I put new coolant the temperature are rising and was boilling radiator.
  5. Clutch & Transmission
    Well guys I installed my ktuned cmc/slave over the weekend. Used the OEM bracket but didn't use the OEM rod. I'm reading everywhere that people use/recommend to use the OEM rod instead of the ktuned one. Did I mess up? What's the difference between the two? Thanks, appreciate any help, cheers
  6. Introduction & Pictures
    Hey guy! I am Sean from K-Tuned, if the username hasn't given it away. Have been a long time lurker and now first time poster. Recently picked up a new daily, 07 Si coupe. It will go nicely with my k-swapped 99 civic coupe. Car came with Tein springs, HFP lip kit, and some crappy intake. She...
1-6 of 6 Results