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  1. Inside and Out
    Hey everyone! We wanted to share a new finish we just added to our line of Fatboy shift knobs - Satin Black. We've had many requests for black knobs, or matte black knobs, after a lot of testing -- we found a finish we really thought looked and felt great! As always, our finishes are...
  2. Inside and Out
    We were able to get our hands on 4 of these AMAZING shift knobs... 2 are gone already. Price is $140 shipped (retail is $170), email us at [email protected] if interested. -Pete
  3. King Motorsports Unlimited
    These amazing Spherical Carbon Fiber shift knobs are now available at King Motorsports. Flawless carbon interweave wrapped around a weighted center and covered in a deep, durable clear finish. The 6-speed shift pattern is printed in light metallic silver on the top and features the Mugen logo...
  4. Inside and Out
    We've had you guys waiting long enough... Pictures of our NEW FatBoy shift knob are finally up...and it was worth the wait! There will be two finishes and two different alloys. Pictures is a PROTOTYPE of the brass version with "Gun Barrel" Chrome coating. The other will be made of steel and...
  5. Inside and Out
    With Christmas just 2 days away, what better gift to give any car fanatic than a ultra-limited, gorgeous, 3/4 lb, Plas-Tec coated ball of brass! Get them now at: GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!... GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!...
  6. Interior & Exterior FS
    Fs:sold!!! Sold!!!!