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  1. Car Builds
    I currently have a k20z1 and am looking to swap it into a CSX with the k20z2. For this swap, after doing some research, I can use the z2 harness, z1 CPU, an 06+ civic 6-speed transmission or the k20z1 6 speed that it comes with, and use k pro. My question is, Do all k20z series (k20z1,k20z2, and...
  2. Acura CSX
    I currently have a 2005 RSX type-s. The Car has been completely rusted out and I'm looking to swap the k20z1 into a 2008 Acura Csx with a manual k20z2. I'm bringing the k20z1 engine to a shop to be built while I prep the Csx to be swapped. Will the engine bolt right up? Will I have to use a...
1-2 of 2 Results