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  1. Introduction & Pictures
    I’m a New member here and a 2018 owner, it’s good to be here. thanks
  2. Introduction & Pictures
    Hello lads, Names Josh, I own a 2007 Honda Civic lx 1.8l coupe. Drove this beauty from Orlando Florida to LA and didn't have a problem. I just got out here, got a decent job, now as a college student I only think It's right to modify my car and be like the cool kids with beamers. (I don't...
  3. Introduction & Pictures
    Greetings! I have my 8th gen FD (R18A1 engine, production year 2007) for 6 years now. I've started doing minor repair and maintenance jobs up to the point that for the past two years my car has never seen a mechanic or an electrician whatsoever. Having done quite a few jobs so far, starting from...
1-3 of 3 Results