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intake manifold

  1. I need help with my new catch can!

    DIY Honda Civic Engine
    I just bought a oil catch can and put it on my FA5. Ran it from the PVC to the IM and now my car is throwing a P0172 code (Bank 1 too rich). I've checked for vacuum leaks and haven't found any. What else could be causing this?
  2. FD2 Type R (RRC) Intake Manifold In Stock

    Intake & Spacer Discussion
    10/30/14 UPDATE: We have more of these in stock now! The JDM RRC intake manifold is one of the best manifolds you can buy for your 2006-2011 Civic Si. It produces great gains on a stock to mildly modified motor, and peaks a little earlier than the Skunk2 manifold, so the power band is a little...