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  1. Civic Hybrid
    This model of civic is supposed to get 40 mpg city and 49 highway but I'm lucky to get over 30 for city or even 40 for highway. Is there any way to get better mileage? I recently replaced the IMA battery last year so that is new enough and I also got new spark plugs put in. What else can I do?
  2. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Recently bought some SI wheels for cheap and decided to fix them up (bad curb rash) so now Im deciding to put them on my 2011 hybrid. I was wondering if there has to be any modifications or any issues when mounting these wheels?
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello, I have 08 Honda Civic Hybrid, and was wondering if there was a hose diagram coming from the thermostat housing. We replaced a head gasket and there is a small pipe coming off the thermostat housing that we can't seem to figure out what goes to it and its the only area we don't have...
  4. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi, I have a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid, and the A/C is hot. I went to go get it recharged and they said it looked like it was already fully charged. The a/c compressor is activating and I replaced the relay for both the compressor and it's fan and the compressor still turns on, but the fan isn't...
  5. Honda Civic Do It Yourself Articles
    Family decided to surprise me with a car and ended up with an 08 hybrid and even though I’m extremely grateful, I know once that battery needs changing is going to be hell. My boyfriend was thinking that we could possibly covert it but I have no clue where to start especially since if we’re...
  6. ECU Tuning Information
    All I have on my car right now is the Hybrid racing 3.5” intake. I plan on running I/H/E soon but I have to wait for full race to respond to my email (my dum**** bought it without looking and got one with the 3” inlet lol, hopefully I’ll be able to just switch the tubes). I’m for sure getting a...
  7. Civic Hybrid
    I know there are more than a few threads about limp/'safe' mode, but mine is specific to the hybrid - 2008, to be exact. So I thought I'd risk starting another one to filter out less-relevant responses. I'm hoping I didn't bite off more than I can chew when I bought this car recently - it was a...
  8. Car Builds
    OK, so this is the build thread for my 07 TW HCHII. Honestly I have no performance mods and never will, the car is all about aesthetics, as I love sexy lookin' cars, and love my car. I bought her in Oct 07. Mods are as follows: Body: -Custom painted and cut FA5 grill -Full HFP lip kit...
1-8 of 8 Results