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  1. Hondata
    I'm getting ready to change my oil pressure sensor does anyone have tips on getting to the oil pressure sensor while the car is jacked up?
  2. Intake & Spacer Discussion
    So, when I bought my 06' SI FG2, it came with an AEM cold air intake installed. I am currently planning on getting new Drag Cartel DIC & setting up for an E85 tune, and am going to get it dyno'd. I have read a lot of good things about other CAI such as Hybrid Racing and Injen CAI's. Would it be...
  3. Turbocharging
    I'm looking at boosting at some point and was wondering if the hybrid intake would fit. I can't find any threads on here. I've got a short Ram intake but it just sucks in hot air and I dont want that as well as boost. I hear that intake aside from gruppe m is the best but will it fit. Any...
1-3 of 3 Results