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  1. Hondata
    Hey guys, new here. So my 07 si with 247,000km is experiencing high knock above 6000 rpm. im just running a base map tune for a cold air intake. knock doesn’t happen in 1st 2nd and 3rd gear, besides the ovation all knock count going up. when I’m in 4th gear and reach 6000 rpm the knock count...
  2. Articles - Engine, Other
    So I’ve been buying aftermarket parts for my 8th gen such as headers, charge pipes, a cold air intake, and an intercooler. I made this post to get some help as to what I should focus on upgrading next after the exhaust and clutch in order to be able to run a turbo without blowing my engine.
  3. Hondata
    I am on Hondata at the moment and I dont see an option for a Skunk2 CAI without anything else. Is there any other option I could use that would be an alternative to just the Skunk2 CAI? Thank you,
  4. For Sale & Trade Items
    Been long time Honda enthusiast S300, KPro, and, Flashpro - don't normally post or sell. Just sold the Civic 5/13/22 as I look to downsize my life. Have genuine unlocked Flashpro for sale. Anyone in DFW area can check it out live. If someone from DFW needs to vouch for me for another member...
  5. Civic Si
    I want to hear your recommendations on the best e tuners, I am full bolt ons with hondata flash pro. I am planning on getting e tuned by the end of next week and wanting to make sure my money goes to a quality tuner and having a healthy motor!
  6. ECU Tuning Information
    Hello everyone, Can someone be a kind enough to send me the Mucters stock tune?! if anyone has it, I would truly appreciate it very much! Email-- [email protected]
  7. For Sale & Trade Items
    Selling my Hondata Flashpro, race model, unit is barely used and is UNLOCKED. Purchased New in August of 2021 $700 price is Shipped(2 day in continental US) and best offer I accept PayPal only
  8. ECU Tuning Information
    Looking for a tune or base tune for a 2010 civic si sedan with injen cold air intake Invidiva N1 fatback 76mm
  9. Hondata
    Question: I have a K&N SRI and plan on getting Hondata for my 08 FG2. (I am the second owner and I just hit 100k)I know it has base maps on it for the SRI. Will the hondata alone be enough? Or would I also need a dyno tune? Also I plan on doing a lot more work to the engine I.E. I’m lookIng in...
  10. Hondata
    So, I'm relatively new to the space of modifying cars, I'll admit that. But after doing a decent bit of research, I've come around with the idea that my fg2 may need a tune at some point soon. I have recently done a tune up on my engine (Ie replace spark plugs, all liquids changed, flushing...
  11. Hondata
    Hello everyone! I’ve been looking to get some flames out of my 08 fg2. I have a 3in test pipe, full straight pipe except the stock resonator, K&n typhoon intake, and am running a hondata basemap. I am using my own antilag settings, which is ignition retarded by 55 degrees and 150% added fuel set...
  12. Hondata
    I have the following on my 07 si coupe 200 compression a cylinder motor is strong PLM header Cat delete Skunk 2 muffler Short ram intake
  13. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Hi everyone, I recently purchased an 8th gen si and love it. It has an K&N Typhoon intake system and a magnaflow glasspack exhaust system. All I know is that it definitely has the "cherry bomb" just from its looks but I'm not sure what kind of other parts are on it. I have not had a chance to...
  14. ECU Tuning Information
    i need a definitive answer, is there ANY way of getting rid of this rev hang forever? i have a fully stock 06 si and plan on keeping it this way, so im having a hard time justify buying something like hondata to do this. will hondata be able to remove this? ive also seen people talking about a...
  15. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Hey I have a fg2 08 and I’m running a skunk2 cai, skunk2 alpha header and a q300 exhaust and wanted to know what basemap I should run
  16. Wanted Forum
    In MA, PayPal ready. Ive got the money to build my 8th up but havent had any luck with these 2. LMK!
  17. Civic Si
    RBB K24A on hondata. I just recently deleted IACV, PCV and purge valve. I’m assuming I need to tune it out because my car will not start. I was wondering if it’s an adjustment I should make myself or get my tuner involved?
  18. ECU Tuning Information
    Hello! I recently got a tsudo catback for my r18 and planning on getting a short ram intake on it soon. I've read about needing to tune your car if you add aftermarkets on it as it could potentially give negative effects on the car, now my question is, if I am getting it tuned, do I just go to...
  19. ECU Tuning Information
    All I have on my car right now is the Hybrid racing 3.5” intake. I plan on running I/H/E soon but I have to wait for full race to respond to my email (my dum**** bought it without looking and got one with the 3” inlet lol, hopefully I’ll be able to just switch the tubes). I’m for sure getting a...
  20. DIY Honda Civic Electrical
    While trying to tune my civic with the flashpro if therew the code saying the wen connector (#12 pin) isn't responding, disabling me from actually uploading the tune. Has anyone else had this problem/ know how and where to fix it?
1-20 of 31 Results