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  1. Hondata
    I'm getting ready to change my oil pressure sensor does anyone have tips on getting to the oil pressure sensor while the car is jacked up?
  2. ECU Tuning Information
    I have a 2010 Civic ex with the R18. It’s got a cat delete and full exhaust with a CAI. I want to get a tuner for it should I get the Race or Carb version of hondata. Or is there another option when it comes to tuning?
  3. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    My sister clutched up and got me the hondata flashpro for my FULLY STOCK(down to the tailpipe) 2008 si[don’t joke on my synchros I’m aware:( ]. What’s the chances of me blowing it up trying to learn on my own. I’ve got somewhat of an understanding of how speeding up the ignition and increasing...
  4. Hondata
    I am on Hondata at the moment and I dont see an option for a Skunk2 CAI without anything else. Is there any other option I could use that would be an alternative to just the Skunk2 CAI? Thank you,
  5. Hondata
    So I just installed my skunk2 CAI on my ‘06 civic si coupe and now my car randomly goes into limp mode and I cant go past 4k rpm. Im buying Hondata to see if thatll fix the problem but im making this post to see if I should get a professional tune or if I should run a basemap while I save up for...
  6. Hondata
    Hello everybody! my name is Jaeger! And Iam coming here today to ask if anyone has anyknowledge about the updatedcalibrstions list. My 08 Si has a k&n SRI and it has a invidia q300 exhaust. Those are the engine mods. I also have an exedy stage 1 clutch and lightweight flywheel also have a...
  7. ECU Tuning Information
    Hello everyone, Can someone be a kind enough to send me the Mucters stock tune?! if anyone has it, I would truly appreciate it very much! Email-- [email protected]
  8. Color Specific Threads
    I’m going out tomorrow to buy a hondata for my 07 Coupe Si and i was wondering what the safest thing for me to do would be ? at the moment i don’t plan on paying a street tuner to tune the car as i don’t have the car fully finished , i plan on getting headers and getting it properly tuned after...
  9. Hondata
    Question: I have a K&N SRI and plan on getting Hondata for my 08 FG2. (I am the second owner and I just hit 100k)I know it has base maps on it for the SRI. Will the hondata alone be enough? Or would I also need a dyno tune? Also I plan on doing a lot more work to the engine I.E. I’m lookIng in...
  10. Hondata
    Looking to see if anyone can help me on here with map. Want to know if someone can help me with adjusting my cam angles so i can run 100%. Tried getting help on the hondata forms but theres no help. Mods: Skunk2 alpha headers Skunk2 megapower RR exhaust Hybrid Racing CAI Stage 3 clutch ngk...
  11. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have a Honda Civic SI 09- at first car had an overheating issue, found out one of the coolant hoses was torn, having no coolant and the oil burning up, but I quickly pulled over. towed the car home, and check to see. I replace the hose and added new coolant and new oil. I went to start the car...
  12. ECU Tuning Information
    Hello, I just got my Hondata Flashpro and wanted to ask what basemap I can use for my 09 Civic SI. Mods I have right now: -DC Sports SRI -Invidia N1 Cat Back Exhaust Hondata provides basemaps but it doesn’t have the same brands for my mods. Can I use one of the provided basemaps even though...
  13. Car Builds
    So I recently purchased a flashpro due to the fact that in the future I'd like to add mods. I did the "Completely stock; Tuned" and uploaded it to my ECU. I drove the car and did my first datalog. The car feels great! But I noticed at the end of my drive, (20-30min) I had a total of 34 knocks! I...
1-13 of 13 Results