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  1. CA $$$ SOLD Hondata FlashPro For Sale $500 SOLD $$$

    Intakes, Exhausts, & Headers FS
    Hey everyone. Long time supporter of the 8thcivic forum. I have a Hondata FlashPro up for sale in the Los Angeles, CA area. My car is going back to stock for the most part. And I’m done with pleasing the smog gods of SoCal. $500 shipped, or Cash if you’re local, and we meet up. I will take...
  2. Car shuts off on its own :( need assistance

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have a Honda Civic SI 09- at first car had an overheating issue, found out one of the coolant hoses was torn, having no coolant and the oil burning up, but I quickly pulled over. towed the car home, and check to see. I replace the hose and added new coolant and new oil. I went to start the car...
  3. What Flashpro basemap to use?

    ECU Tuning Information
    Hello, I just got my Hondata Flashpro and wanted to ask what basemap I can use for my 09 Civic SI. Mods I have right now: -DC Sports SRI -Invidia N1 Cat Back Exhaust Hondata provides basemaps but it doesn’t have the same brands for my mods. Can I use one of the provided basemaps even though...
  4. Cylinder #2 knock ( PLEASE HELP)

    Car Builds
    So I recently purchased a flashpro due to the fact that in the future I'd like to add mods. I did the "Completely stock; Tuned" and uploaded it to my ECU. I drove the car and did my first datalog. The car feels great! But I noticed at the end of my drive, (20-30min) I had a total of 34 knocks! I...